Sunny and 75


Just kidding. It’s going to be 90 today. ((I LOVE Tennessee)) I haven’t posted in a while because I worked the last 3 days and I just did not have the energy to blog. Pathetic, I know. But! It’s a beautiful day here in TN and I’m spending it by the pool at my apartment complex. It’s seriously the best place to live here in Franklin. The only complaint right now that I have is that there are children here that are loud and obnoxious-I love kids don’t get me wrong- but there should be adult pool time and kid pool time. I’m trying to relax and this child keeps SCREACHING. ((First world probs))

Anyway, I wanted to share my favorite flip flops with you all and also my favorite swim cover-ups. The flops that I am wearing in the photo are my absolute favorite but they are also ridiculously expensive. ((Eye roll)) You can find them HERE. The ones that I’m wearing are rose gold but they don’t have that color available anymore. I also have the Vintage Brown and Bleach. The only reason I am such an advocate for these flops is because they look awesome and they last a LONG time and still look awesome. I’ve had the Vintage brown ones for 2 1/2 years now and they still look like new ((except for the outline of my foot)) and they have been through mud, rain, snow, etc. But I will link some cheaper ones that I love::

As for bathing suit covers::

I also just found this bracelet on Etsy that is perfect for poolside or the beach. And I LOVE that it’s from a small business!

And last but not least, we all know how I feel about my sunnies ((DIFF) and my go-to beach blanket. Below are links to both!:: I am an ambassador for both DIFF and for SandCloud. The links below are my personal discounts-my gift to you!::

  • DIFF Charitable Eyewear   ((For those that don’t know, this company gives away a free pair of reading glasses to those in need. They also provide school eye exams in third world countries! Click the link above to get $10 off your first purchase! Simply enter your email and it will give you a $10 discount code to use to checkout))
  • SandCloud ((Also, for those that don’t know, this company helps save marine life. For every purchase, they donate 10% to #savethefishies! Who doesn’t want to save the fishies??  Use my personal code:: STALTER25 at checkout to get 25% off your order!))


Have a great weekend!



Don’t Be Two Faced


Hey all! I wanted to share with you my foundation loves and hates. I get compliments on my complexion all the time and I smile, thank them, and do a little happy dance inside because I know it’s all because of my little miracle in a bottle. ((Thank you, Jesus)) My skin is oily at baseline so a few of these foundations I have tried but have not liked. Lets get started::

**I’m linking all makeup to Sephora because that is where I get my makeup from-You can also get it from Ulta. BUT if you order from Sephora, you get freebies with your order**

  1. Urban Decay Naked Skin :: This has been my holy grail for a couple years ((I have a new holy grail listed below in number 2)) BUT this one is still awesome. It’s got medium coverage and it’s great on all skin types ((oily, dry, etc)). Great thing about this is that it’s very light and doesn’t make you feel like cake with layers of frosting. It’s got 4 different nourishing ingredients for anti-aging and hydration. The reason I stopped using it was because UD came out with number 2. I wear shade #3.
  2. Urban Decay All Nighter :: THANK THE LORD ABOVE. This is a full-coverage, water proof foundation. It’s got a matte finish so it’s great for oily skinned peeps. It has three times as much pigment as number 1 so a little goes a LONG way and lasts for a long time so it evens out the pricey-ness of it. Your wallet will thank you! DISCLAIMER:: It does not have good reviews online because it oxidizes-what that means is that outside of the bottle on your skin, it could darken slightly. So, you may need to get a lighter shade. If you’re interested in trying it, go to Sephora and ask for a couple of sample sizes, they’re free and you can test them to see which one is best for you. I, again, use shade #3. It does not oxidize too much on me. I also use this under my eyes-shade #2.
  3. Kat-Von-D Tattoo :: This is another full-coverage, water proof foundation. Good thing about this one is that it has more pigments to choose from! Also, this is 100% vegan, no animal testing was done with this product!! ((Animal love)) The only reason I stopped using this was because with the high matte and long hours at work, it looked “cracked” on my skin. I wish it had a little more hydration in the formula.
  4. Too Faced Born This Way :: This is a medium to full coverage foundation. It is meant to help tame oily skin, but for me, it made me more oily. I used this foundation on my cousin and it looked great on her. I think it really depends on skin type. With oily skin, I wouldn’t recommend this. Unless you go to Sephora and ask for a free sample. Good thing about it is that it uses a ton of hydrating materials ((coconut water and alpine rose)). It is also Vegan!
  5. Sephora Infusion :: This foundation is SUPER cheap. Like $9. It is very very light coverage and doesn’t have any hydrating skin nourishment like the others. I felt that it left my face very dry but you could probably get away with it by using a moisturizer. They only have 2 colors available right now and they’re dark beige. But if you want to try it, keep an eye out for restocks!
  6. Beauty Blender:: Lots of people ask me what I use to apply my foundation, concealer, bronzer, and blush. Honestly, I don’t use a foundation brush. I only use a beauty blender to apply both my concealer ((which is foundation number 2 in shade #2)) and my foundation ((foundation number 2 in shade #3)). I do, however, use just a regular brush, nothing fancy, to apply bronzer and blush. ((I will do a bronzer and blush post separately))  I do use the blender to actually blend afterwards too. Multipurpose use. BUT I recommend getting the blender that I linked here because I’ve used cheap ones from TJMaxx and Amazon that did not apply the same. Just get the $20 and use it until it falls apart-usually lasts 4-6 months for me!

Hope this helps some of you! Any questions, please ask!


Surrender The Bootie


Just because it’s gloomy here in Nashville doesn’t mean I can’t wear cute shoes, right? ((Right)) I want to share with you all my favorite pair of spring/summer lace up booties and a few others that I have recently/will soon add to my collection. BECAUSE, shoe shopping is cheaper than a therapist. ((Can I get an Amen?!)

These adorable booties I’m wearing in this pic are Vince Camuto’s masterpiece and for all I care, he can just take ALL of  my money. I want/need his whole line. You can find my shoes HERE. AND they’re 40% off!! Listed are some similar ones in nude((MOST ON SALE))::


As for my seafoam green dress, it was $12.90! I’ve gotten SO many compliments on this dress. The color is great and the fit is even better. For those little chested people like myself, it gives the girls a little extra lift. ((Hallelujah)) The best part is, that it looks expensive! WIN. Get it HERE!  ((It also comes in black!))

My accessories are::


  • Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM Damier  ((LV is life. I just wish it wasn’t half a paycheck. First world problems))





Let Your Freak Flag Fly


…Or your beach blanket. I want to share with you all this AWESOME towel. I have recently partnered up with SandCloud to help spread the awareness of the need for marine life protection. Each purchase at Sand Cloud gives 10% to protecting the fishes! This towel that was sent to me is the softest, most durable ((and also most Mexican looking)) beach towel that I’ve ever used. The exact link to this specific towel is ::Mint Baja

I’m planning on getting the Strawberry Acid Wash next. ((UGH I want them ALL))

And you all should to. Here is my personal code to get you 25% off!! :: STALTER25   ((Insert this code during checkout))

My sunnies are DIFF Eyewear  Cruz::Silver Frame::Blue Mirror Lens. I LOVE this brand SO much. I can’t talk them up enough. ((They’re cheaper then Rays and has even better quality)) This company is partnered with a charitable organization and for EVERY pair of sunnies sold, they donate glasses to those in need. HOW AWESOME?!

My bathing suit is mixed up today. I love white bathing suits with a good tan. My top is L.A. Hearts from Pacsun. It’s only $29! I’ve gotten a couple suits from Pacsun and I love them. P.S. They’re having a BOGO50% this weekend only.  And my scalloped bottoms are probably my favorite of. all. time. I’ve got a thing for scalloped suits. Don’t know why. Don’t care why. Because they’re adorbs. But, they can be pricey unless you follow Kate ((me)) who comes through for you and can find you cheap things. You’re welcome.

Okay, so the site I got the bathing suit bottoms from was Bathing suit link ::HERE  Ya’ll it’s $23 for top and bottom. DISCLAIMER:: I’m pretty sure its a company out of China? It took about 3 weeks to get to me, but the quality is actually pretty good, so I’m not mad about it. Plus they have SO many cute suits for SUPER cheap. I’d buy from them again. And I probably will. If you can’t wait 3 weeks for a suit, I’ll list some other links to other sites that aren’t as cheap::





Beach Please



Hey y’all! I am currently sitting next to the beach listening to the waves. Jealous?  I would be too. We are at Orange Beach, Alabama in a condo with a private beach. ((YASS)) It’s absolutely beautiful. I wanted to share some of my favorite beach maxi/midi dresses. I have quite a few. But first, booze.

My favorite drink to sit by the pool or beach is the and I’m going to share it with all of you lucky people. And what makes it even better, it’s PINK!

  • Eddy’s Grapefruit Vodka
  • Club soda
  • Cranberry Ginger Ale
  • Add in slices of grapefruit for more prettiness if desired

That’s it. And it’s dangerous as hell. ((You’re welcome))

So, as for my beach attire today, I’m wearing this beautiful high-lo maxi dress. It’s a really pretty champagne color. And I got it super cheap. ((WIN)) Unfortunately, it’s out of stock. ((Insert sad face)). I’m going to link it anyway HERE in case it comes back in stock. ((Fingers crossed!!))  Tomorrow, I’m posting all about my new favorite bathing suits and beach accessories!

Here are some other maxis that are similar to the one linked above that is annoyingly out of stock. ((EYE ROLL)) P.S. They’re all on sale!









First Find!


So for my first product post, I want to share with you my latest goodie that I found yesterday. Anyone’s favorite store been Forever 21? No, me neither. BUT! That has changed! This season’s new products are fab. I’ve been to the store here in Franklin three times within the past week and I’ve only spent a total of $70. TOTAL. My absolute favorite find is this nautical, off-the-should, bow sleeve top. It’s so comfortable and light. ((Perfect for summer))

I did my best to capture the cuteness of the top but lets face it, I need a photographer. Anyone interested?? But in all seriousness, this top was $17 and the quality is better then the one I tried on at Nordstrom that was $85. The body of the shirt is supposed to be big and flowy but my waist is so tiny that even a small looks really big on me-what I did was tuck one side into my jeans and it gave it a MUCH better shape. And it doesn’t look tacky tucked in, promise! I wore this yesterday after I bought it with leggings, so caaute. They only had light blue/white stripes ((vertical stripes thank the lawd)) so I’m going to keep my eye out for more colors.

Here is a link to the top:: Stripped Contemporary Top

Here is another with floral embroidery ((I NEED)) :: We All Love Florals

As for my jewelry in the pic, my necklace is actually custom made by James Michelle. She’s a buisness woman that literally started from nothing and built her empire with beautiful pieces of handcrafted jewelry ((LIFE GOAL)). My bar necklace has Psalm 46:5 engraged with an arrow. Earlier this year I dealt with personal issues ((not going to bore you with them)) but my mom got me a bible to help me get through. Now, I’m not going to throw Jesus at you and preach, but in all honesty, it did help me by making me realize that someone believes in me even when I don’t believe in myself, and it gave me strength. So, I took my favorite part of it ((Psalm 46:5)) which states “God is within her, she will not fall” and I keep it with me. A little hope-and we all need that sometimes, right?



Welcome Y’all!

Welcome, welcome, welcome! This is my FIRST ever blog and I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing ((honesty at it’s best)). All I know is that I’ve had many-a-people ask me about fashion, makeup, shopping tips, hair products, etc, so I thought what the heck I’ll try out this blog idea. ((But let me tell you, blog sites are expensive as hell)).

Let’s start out with a little about ME if you don’t already know me. I am a 25 year old New Yorker ((proud of it)) who migrated to the Tennessee south about a year ago ((also proud of it)). I’m a traveling nurse and am contracted with hospitals here in Nashville in multiple different intensive care units. I absolutely love my job. But I also love fashion, makeup, being a girl-and let’s be honest, for those in the medical field, it ain’t always pretty. So, I spend my spare time doing what I do best, shop. And I am here to share all my goodies, secrets, and products I love ((and don’t love)) for anyone who cares! Please feel free to comment below or send me a message with any comments, questions, etc.


Due to my northern roots, I sometimes throw in F’Bombs//give my true honest opinion//piss people off. This is very seldom but if it happens, you can’t say I didn’t warn you. I’m still new at this “southern charm” thing.