Let Your Freak Flag Fly


…Or your beach blanket. I want to share with you all this AWESOME towel. I have recently partnered up with SandCloud to help spread the awareness of the need for marine life protection. Each purchase at Sand Cloud gives 10% to protecting the fishes! This towel that was sent to me is the softest, most durable ((and also most Mexican looking)) beach towel that I’ve ever used. The exact link to this specific towel is ::Mint Baja

I’m planning on getting the Strawberry Acid Wash next. ((UGH I want them ALL))

And you all should to. Here is my personal code to get you 25% off!! :: STALTER25   ((Insert this code during checkout))

My sunnies are DIFF Eyewear  Cruz::Silver Frame::Blue Mirror Lens. I LOVE this brand SO much. I can’t talk them up enough. ((They’re cheaper then Rays and has even better quality)) This company is partnered with a charitable organization and for EVERY pair of sunnies sold, they donate glasses to those in need. HOW AWESOME?!

My bathing suit is mixed up today. I love white bathing suits with a good tan. My top is L.A. Hearts from Pacsun. It’s only $29! I’ve gotten a couple suits from Pacsun and I love them. P.S. They’re having a BOGO50% this weekend only.  And my scalloped bottoms are probably my favorite of. all. time. I’ve got a thing for scalloped suits. Don’t know why. Don’t care why. Because they’re adorbs. But, they can be pricey unless you follow Kate ((me)) who comes through for you and can find you cheap things. You’re welcome.

Okay, so the site I got the bathing suit bottoms from was Cupshe.com. Bathing suit link ::HERE  Ya’ll it’s $23 for top and bottom. DISCLAIMER:: I’m pretty sure its a company out of China? It took about 3 weeks to get to me, but the quality is actually pretty good, so I’m not mad about it. Plus they have SO many cute suits for SUPER cheap. I’d buy from them again. And I probably will. If you can’t wait 3 weeks for a suit, I’ll list some other links to other sites that aren’t as cheap::





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