Surrender The Bootie


Just because it’s gloomy here in Nashville doesn’t mean I can’t wear cute shoes, right? ((Right)) I want to share with you all my favorite pair of spring/summer lace up booties and a few others that I have recently/will soon add to my collection. BECAUSE, shoe shopping is cheaper than a therapist. ((Can I get an Amen?!)

These adorable booties I’m wearing in this pic are Vince Camuto’s masterpiece and for all I care, he can just take ALL of  my money. I want/need his whole line. You can find my shoes HERE. AND they’re 40% off!! Listed are some similar ones in nude((MOST ON SALE))::


As for my seafoam green dress, it was $12.90! I’ve gotten SO many compliments on this dress. The color is great and the fit is even better. For those little chested people like myself, it gives the girls a little extra lift. ((Hallelujah)) The best part is, that it looks expensive! WIN. Get it HERE!  ((It also comes in black!))

My accessories are::


  • Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM Damier  ((LV is life. I just wish it wasn’t half a paycheck. First world problems))





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