Don’t Be Two Faced


Hey all! I wanted to share with you my foundation loves and hates. I get compliments on my complexion all the time and I smile, thank them, and do a little happy dance inside because I know it’s all because of my little miracle in a bottle. ((Thank you, Jesus)) My skin is oily at baseline so a few of these foundations I have tried but have not liked. Lets get started::

**I’m linking all makeup to Sephora because that is where I get my makeup from-You can also get it from Ulta. BUT if you order from Sephora, you get freebies with your order**

  1. Urban Decay Naked Skin :: This has been my holy grail for a couple years ((I have a new holy grail listed below in number 2)) BUT this one is still awesome. It’s got medium coverage and it’s great on all skin types ((oily, dry, etc)). Great thing about this is that it’s very light and doesn’t make you feel like cake with layers of frosting. It’s got 4 different nourishing ingredients for anti-aging and hydration. The reason I stopped using it was because UD came out with number 2. I wear shade #3.
  2. Urban Decay All Nighter :: THANK THE LORD ABOVE. This is a full-coverage, water proof foundation. It’s got a matte finish so it’s great for oily skinned peeps. It has three times as much pigment as number 1 so a little goes a LONG way and lasts for a long time so it evens out the pricey-ness of it. Your wallet will thank you! DISCLAIMER:: It does not have good reviews online because it oxidizes-what that means is that outside of the bottle on your skin, it could darken slightly. So, you may need to get a lighter shade. If you’re interested in trying it, go to Sephora and ask for a couple of sample sizes, they’re free and you can test them to see which one is best for you. I, again, use shade #3. It does not oxidize too much on me. I also use this under my eyes-shade #2.
  3. Kat-Von-D Tattoo :: This is another full-coverage, water proof foundation. Good thing about this one is that it has more pigments to choose from! Also, this is 100% vegan, no animal testing was done with this product!! ((Animal love)) The only reason I stopped using this was because with the high matte and long hours at work, it looked “cracked” on my skin. I wish it had a little more hydration in the formula.
  4. Too Faced Born This Way :: This is a medium to full coverage foundation. It is meant to help tame oily skin, but for me, it made me more oily. I used this foundation on my cousin and it looked great on her. I think it really depends on skin type. With oily skin, I wouldn’t recommend this. Unless you go to Sephora and ask for a free sample. Good thing about it is that it uses a ton of hydrating materials ((coconut water and alpine rose)). It is also Vegan!
  5. Sephora Infusion :: This foundation is SUPER cheap. Like $9. It is very very light coverage and doesn’t have any hydrating skin nourishment like the others. I felt that it left my face very dry but you could probably get away with it by using a moisturizer. They only have 2 colors available right now and they’re dark beige. But if you want to try it, keep an eye out for restocks!
  6. Beauty Blender:: Lots of people ask me what I use to apply my foundation, concealer, bronzer, and blush. Honestly, I don’t use a foundation brush. I only use a beauty blender to apply both my concealer ((which is foundation number 2 in shade #2)) and my foundation ((foundation number 2 in shade #3)). I do, however, use just a regular brush, nothing fancy, to apply bronzer and blush. ((I will do a bronzer and blush post separately))  I do use the blender to actually blend afterwards too. Multipurpose use. BUT I recommend getting the blender that I linked here because I’ve used cheap ones from TJMaxx and Amazon that did not apply the same. Just get the $20 and use it until it falls apart-usually lasts 4-6 months for me!

Hope this helps some of you! Any questions, please ask!


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