Sunny and 75


Just kidding. It’s going to be 90 today. ((I LOVE Tennessee)) I haven’t posted in a while because I worked the last 3 days and I just did not have the energy to blog. Pathetic, I know. But! It’s a beautiful day here in TN and I’m spending it by the pool at my apartment complex. It’s seriously the best place to live here in Franklin. The only complaint right now that I have is that there are children here that are loud and obnoxious-I love kids don’t get me wrong- but there should be adult pool time and kid pool time. I’m trying to relax and this child keeps SCREACHING. ((First world probs))

Anyway, I wanted to share my favorite flip flops with you all and also my favorite swim cover-ups. The flops that I am wearing in the photo are my absolute favorite but they are also ridiculously expensive. ((Eye roll)) You can find them HERE. The ones that I’m wearing are rose gold but they don’t have that color available anymore. I also have the Vintage Brown and Bleach. The only reason I am such an advocate for these flops is because they look awesome and they last a LONG time and still look awesome. I’ve had the Vintage brown ones for 2 1/2 years now and they still look like new ((except for the outline of my foot)) and they have been through mud, rain, snow, etc. But I will link some cheaper ones that I love::

As for bathing suit covers::

I also just found this bracelet on Etsy that is perfect for poolside or the beach. And I LOVE that it’s from a small business!

And last but not least, we all know how I feel about my sunnies ((DIFF) and my go-to beach blanket. Below are links to both!:: I am an ambassador for both DIFF and for SandCloud. The links below are my personal discounts-my gift to you!::

  • DIFF Charitable Eyewear   ((For those that don’t know, this company gives away a free pair of reading glasses to those in need. They also provide school eye exams in third world countries! Click the link above to get $10 off your first purchase! Simply enter your email and it will give you a $10 discount code to use to checkout))
  • SandCloud ((Also, for those that don’t know, this company helps save marine life. For every purchase, they donate 10% to #savethefishies! Who doesn’t want to save the fishies??  Use my personal code:: STALTER25 at checkout to get 25% off your order!))


Have a great weekend!



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