Meanwhile Back At Mama’s


…it’s cold and rainy. ((That’s how the song goes, right?)) But seriously, it’s SO GOOD TO BE HOME. I’m up in my mom’s office right now in the loft and I hear my stepdad snoring on the couch, my “little” brother is clanking around downstairs with his giant giant-ness ((he’s 20 years old and 6’5″)), mom is in the kitchen making something that may or may not be edible when she’s done, the dog is barking at nothing because the old man is going blind, I’m drinking a LARGE cup of coffee ((I thought it was a cute over-sized coffee cup but I was informed that it’s a soup bowl)), and overlooking the vast acreage of green horse pastures in the large “A” frame window. Home. Now, it wouldn’t be home if it wasn’t cloudy, cold, and raining. So, here we are, wearing a sweater and chunky socks…in May. ((Nashville, I secretly miss your humidity))

In the meantime back at mama’s, I get to wear cute sweaters that I got on sale because only the north is still sweater weather. This one that I wore today to Mother’s Day lunch with my family is one of my new favorites. How cute is it?! Cold shoulder tops is all the rage right now this spring/summer and I was able to find this adorable one for my time here in NY! And you all know how I feel about bows!!

This sweater is SO soft and the tie shoulders are high quality and you can make them as loose or as tight as you want to. You can find it here :: TopShop Bow Shoulder  For size reference, I’m wearing a size 4. It’s a little baggy on me but that’s the way it should be-it goes great with a pair of black leggings! ((Which is what I’m wearing now))

I also found this cute sweater that also has cut out shoulders with a bow::

  • Loft Cold Shoulder Sweater -I got the green one and it’s such a pretty color. I’m getting the pink one! It’s so soft and so warm! For size reference, I got a Small and it fits true to size. Again, you can tighten or loosen the shoulders as you want!


So another thing that I want to share with you all, I recently partnered with Teami Blends. Teami is a company that was started by 3 friends that had 20+ years experience with mixing loose leaf teas, marketing, graphic design, and web development. So they decided to start a company with good, all-natural tea that aids in weight loss, cleanse, and natural energy that ACTUALLY WORKS! I heard about Teami through social media, ordered some to try, and was pleasantly surprised at the results. Now, I was blessed genetically with a small figure so I didn’t get the tea to help with weight-loss but my goal was to decrease bloating ((especially during my lady time of the month)), kick out toxins, and help decrease my caffeine intake. I use the skinny tea and also the energy tea every morning and I have already seen a HUGE difference. The only reason that I’m drinking coffee right now is because I was up all night at a concert and let’s face it, I’m not 20 anymore, so my body can’t handle it and I needed a little extra boost.

As for the skinny tea and colon cleanse, Teami has received thousands of responses of how it helped people lose those stubborn inches around their waist. Now, peeps, don’t think that if you drink this tea it’s going to make you a size 0 overnight, because it wont. What it does is boosts your metabolism, boosts your immune system, and naturally raises your energy levels so you can work out longer! This works WITH exercise and a healthy diet. I’ve had a few people order the 30-Day challenge so I will post how their experiences are! If you use my code :: KateTea  it will give you an additional 10% OFF! Let me know if you have any questions about it!! Check out the ingredient list on each tea!   I’ll post it again:: Teami Blends




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