Let Freedom Ring


And let the memorial day sales commence! Not only is Memorial Day for remembering the fallen, it’s also thanking them for giving us our FREEDOM. Anyone can do anything anytime they want to in this country because of the brave men and women that fought FOR us. And I want to shop Memorial Day sales!

In the picture above and below, I’ve got my Pacsun white swimmers:: TOP HERE & BOTTOMS HERE. This weekend Pacsun has BOGO50% and I just ordered a new suit for my girl’s day boating trip in a couple weeks! ALSO, IF YOU USE THE CODE:: DADSGRADS  IT GIVES YOU $20 OFF!! I just used it this morning, so it definitely works! My swim cover-up is from TJMaxx and the brand is Saint Tropez West-I couldn’t find it on either TJMaxx website or the Saint website. ((Insert sad face)) BUT, I found cute ones here:: $24.99!! & $19.99!!

Unfortunately, my beach bag is out of stock. But if I find it somewhere else, I will post it again! But, we all know how I feel about my Tory Burch Flip Flops! My rose gold ones are still out of stock, BUT, they have gold ones HERE and I NEED them.

And my tumber is from Glittersips on Etsy. You can find it HERE. It looks like they are in the process of moving, so the shop is closed until July. I just ordered another tumber from Twinkle Twinkle Lil’ Jar and you can find them HERE. SO CUTE.

In my tumbler, I have my Teami Blends Energy Tea ((I waited for the berries and tea leafs to brew in the hot water, then filtered out the tea water, added ice, and added lemon slices for additional flavor)). I have a Teami Tumbler that has a built in filter to filter out the tea leaves…but I wanted to use my new Glittersips Tumbler. I LOVE this tea SO much. It’s all natural and SO good for you!! The Detox plan ((Skinny Tea & Colon Cleanse)) is Teami’s most desired product. I’ve had multiple people use my personal code :: KateTea for 10% off and have already seen results!! Check out the website for more info! **THIS WEEKEND TEAMI IS OFFERING 30% OFF AS WELL**  TEAMI BLENDS

Here are some other GREAT Memorial Day Sale Events!::

Also, these are a necessity this weekend::


Enjoy your long weekend, my friends!



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