About Kate


Welcome, welcome, welcome! This is my FIRST ever blog and I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing ((honesty at it’s best)). All I know is that I’ve had many-a-people ask me about fashion, makeup, shopping tips, hair products, etc, so I thought what the heck I’ll try out this blog idea. ((But let me tell you, blog sites are expensive as hell)).

Let’s start out with a little about ME if you don’t already know me. I am a 25 year old New Yorker ((proud of it)) who migrated to the Tennessee south about a year ago ((also proud of it)). I’m a traveling nurse and am contracted with hospitals here in Nashville in multiple different intensive care units. I absolutely love my job. But I also love fashion, makeup, being a girl-and let’s be honest, for those in the medical field, it ain’t always pretty. So, I spend my spare time doing what I do best, shop. And I am here to share all my goodies, secrets, and products I love ((and don’t love)) for anyone who cares! Please feel free to comment below or send me a message with any comments, questions, etc.


Due to my northern roots, I sometimes throw in F’Bombs//give my true honest opinion//piss people off. This is very seldom but if it happens, you can’t say I didn’t warn you. I’m still new at this “southern charm” thing.